Send forth workers to unengaged regions of the Muslim world.

And He said to them,
"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to
send out laborers into his harvest
." ― Luke 10:2

Our Focus

Revelation 7:9 shares a vision of a crowd assembled from every tongue, tribe and nation, worshipping Jesus at the throne. However, over 1,000 Muslim people groups still remain unengaged—with no access to the Gospel and no messengers of the Kingdom to share it with them.

That’s why we’re sharpening our focus on the regions where the need is the greatest.


Our Strategy

In Luke 10:1, Jesus shows us His strategy: He sent forth His disciples into places where He Himself was about to go.

The strategy of Frontiers follows Jesus’ example by not only passionately seeking the hearts of the unengaged—but also those disciples whose hearts break for them.


About the unengaged regions

Frontiers has identified six strategic regions where we seek to rapidly increase the spread of the Gospel in the Muslim world. Two of these regions hold the highest concentrations of unengaged Muslim people groups: Northeast Africa and South Asia.

For this very reason, we are aligning our focus and resources to send forth more long-term workers to these critical regions.


Northeast Africa

184 unengaged Muslim people groups
88 groups residing in 3 countries alone

Amongst vastly different cultures and complicated political situations, there has never been a more critical need for well-trained messengers of the Gospel in this region.

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The Millers' Story

Despite great challenges and resistance, the Millers are seeing the Spirit move in unexpected ways in a dauntingly remote corner of the Muslim world.

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South Asia

32 unengaged Muslim people groups
27 groups with over 100,000 people

With over one-third of the world’s poor, this densely populated region urgently needs workers with the God-given grace to launch into cities where there is still no Gospel witness.

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Malik's story

While traveling through an unengaged city in South Asia, a chance encounter with Malik, a young Muslim, leads Frontiers workers into an experience they'll never forget.

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"It’s important to take advantage of this move of God’s Spirit in the house of Islam … that’s the greatest need I see in missions." ― Joe, supporter of Frontiers
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